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i cant belive jebus accepted such an humillation XD

just awesome!

by the way, lombax88 said than the one below him is a jerk and than the video is cool, just than he is talking on spanish


just to dam funny! i specialy liked the end i never thougth than hentai, pixels and mario bros would make it well together,but i laugthed so hard than i even cried :D

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W00Tificant game, it just fells like the real videos, cant say more, the music fits perfectly, so does the sfx, still, there is no ak47, thats something really got me xD, still, great game (i haz hank, deimos and tricky, fuk yah!)

Loved it, the game is great, its kinda creepy and fun, a weird combo, but it fits well with the game, the ending was sorta... i dont know if either fun or dissapointing, the gun shots always make me to jump outta my chair xD, also,did anyone notice that there are 3 different stories? 1 on sao paulo, 1 on everglades and another on san joaquin valley? what i can say of the game is: a great and unusual combo of creepynes and fun, nice music, fits greatly on the game, and the facial expressions are so danm realistic, good joob!, great game!


this game really got me, i was playing for something like 1-2 hours till i noticed it was 3 am xD the guns upgrade really helped their pros, like the twister mag extender upgrade, personally, i prefer the boomstick, all i can say is than this game is really entetaining, i have been playing it for like 1 year, (still cannot get the dammed master of survival achievment) it has good humor, a nice amount of weps with awesome upgrades, lotsa perks packed with some nice looking and decently hard enemies, but the last boss should be WAY harder (he looked way to much like the madness deathwish antagonist) also, for some questions i saw, here are the awnsers:

WHERE I CAN SEE MY MONEY?!?!? go to the shop on the inventory menu, you should see it there

MY GADGET DUZ NOT WORK!! check the instructions duh

overall: really adictive game, with some chalenge on it, the map perks where a good adition, plus some nice weapons,

Rating: 10/10 and 5/5 (lol, this was long xD)

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favorite song of project nexus, cant say more

so awesum!! :D

this is, in fact, my 3rd fav music, 2nd bein fear factory 2009 and 1st madness 5 music, just too cool! also, its pretty strange than people keep trakin comments of old submissions

cheshyre responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

pure epicness!

i was pretty disapointed due the fact hank only apeared like 2 seconds, but the music is so dammed cool! especialy in the survival part, good job!

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i always think this happens when i get a male gardevoir...


how in the hel is he able to use 1 heavy sword in 1 hand?!?, i dont know, but looks cool!, oh, and it has vegeta hair XD

armag3d0n responds:

Yeah he has vegeta hair now that you mention it xD
As for the swords...he must be the son of chuck norris....:P


awesome, i just cant say anything else

armag3d0n responds:

Thanks dude! :D

i live in venezuela, im a big fan of rpg,shooter,tower defence games, i recently got adiccted to madness combat (obious by my username) i also have an acount on armorgames called noobinator1999 im waiting for madness combat 10 :D

carlos @maknedssfan


U.E.C."Los Proceres" (spanish)


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